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Intelligent translation solutions for websites, apps and documents.

We use everything from InDesign to Word, IOS to Android, and WordPress to Drupal to localize your content, and we automate workflows using our API.

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Translate documents and files

We translate Microsoft Word, Excel, PowerPoint, InDesign, Illustrator, HTML and XML files – and more! We’ll return your document perfectly formatted.

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Website localization, directly from the CMS

Use our translation plugins for WordPress, Drupal, Adobe Experience Manager and other CMS. Our IT team is continually developing new integrations.

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App and software localization

We’ll help you localize your iOS, OS X, Android and Windows apps. We speak JSON, Java, YAML, Swift, PHP and more!

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Workflow automation via API

You can use our open REST API for all kinds of integrations. Our IT team will be happy to help you with development queries if required.

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Transcreation for global marketing

Our specialty: we just love a creative challenge. The best translation isn’t really a translation. It’s an adaptation which ensures that your message and content are flawlessly conveyed to your target market.

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We’ll help you adapt your films, TV shows and YouTube videos for new markets. Reach new audiences in over 100 languages with our super subtitles.

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Technical, creative or quick and cost-effective?

To pick the right translation service from the many available, you’ll need to consider your text type and what you aim to achieve with it.

Translation BASIC

For general texts with a limited audience


Translation PREMIUM

For demanding content where every word counts


Translation CREATIVE

For creative content that makes an impact in every language
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Machine translation (MT)

For in-house communication, basic product information, etc.


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More than 100 languages.

From Arabic to Zulu – we’re always adding new languages to our repertoire, guaranteeing super localization in all four corners of the world.

What’s your target market?

We’re committed to super quality.

Supertext was founded in 2005 in Switzerland, a country that has no less than four official languages. But when it comes to quality, we’re all on the same page.

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Over 2,000 qualified specialist translators, all native speakers of their respective languages

All our language experts have either a university degree in translation or at least five years’ professional experience, and they all have to pass an internal test before they join Supertext.

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Integrated translation memories for consistent translations

To ensure that product names, slogans, terms and whole phrases are always translated consistently, we create translation memories for all of our customers.

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Proofreading including cross-check with the source text

Every translation is proofread and cross-checked against the source text by a second translator before it’s delivered.

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In-house language experts ensure that your corporate language stays consistent

Supertext isn’t just a portal or an order processing machine: we’re an agency with in-house language specialists.

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Certified for ISO 17100:2015 and ISO 9001:2015

In 2018, Supertext was certified for its translation quality (ISO 17100) and its quality management system (ISO 9001) – in all three locations!

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Comprehensive rating system for translation projects

Our customers have the opportunity to rate each translation, and our project managers and language specialists also assess the quality of each project.