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Get one letter wrong and everything is urined

Our proofreading and revision services dot all your i’s and cross all your t’s, making sure that every word hits the right note.

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Ready-to-print proofreading

The classic proofreading service for absolute accuracy. Choose between a one- or two-phase service.

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Stylistically flawless content

We ensure that the style of your mailings, blogposts, newsletters and social media posts is second to none.

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Copy editing

Whether it’s a short essay or an epic novel, let us take care of revising and editing your copy.

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Corporate advertising proofreading

Need a fresh pair of eyes? We’ll go through your slogans and posters with a fine-toothed comb, optimize all your fliers, and make sure every ad is ready to win over its target audience.

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Perfectly precise communication in foreign languages

Only experienced and qualified native speakers can guarantee natural-sounding copy that is free from mistakes in their respective language and across all communication channels.

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Proofreading of academic papers

Super cum laude – thanks to our proofreading and revision service for students. From term papers to dissertations, we correct everything.

How right is just right?

We offer many different types of editing – to pick the right one, you’ll need to consider your text type and what you aim to achieve with it.


Orthographic and grammatical corrections by an experienced proofreader.


Proofreading (two-phase service)

Double the service – orthographic and grammatical corrections by two experienced proofreaders.



Orthographic and grammatical corrections and stylistic improvements by an experienced editor.



Existing content fully rewritten in terms of style and structure by selected copywriters, authors and journalists. Proofreading by a second person included.


We’re happy to help you choose.
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The most perfectionist proofreading service in the world

Supertext was founded in 2005 in Switzerland, a country with four official languages. But when it comes to quality, we’re all on the same page.

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We only use experienced, qualified proofreaders

All our language experts have either a university degree, training in the editorial field or at least five years’ professional experience, and they all have to pass an internal test before they join Supertext.

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A clear, consistent style guide

We leave nothing to chance when it comes to correcting copy. We closely follow our very own Supertext style guide, or will pay exacting attention to your own style guide of choice on request.

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Certified for ISO 17100 and ISO 9001

In 2018, Supertext was certified for its translation quality (ISO 17100) and its quality management system (ISO 9001) – in all three locations!

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Comprehensive rating system for proofreading services

Our customers have the opportunity to rate each proofreading and editing job, and our project managers and language managers also assess the quality of each order.

How would you like your corrections to be made?

We offer different methods of editing and proofreading according to the document format, so you can see where corrections have been made.

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Track changes

Word documents can be corrected using the tracking function.

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Editing tools and comments

PDF documents can be corrected using editing tools and comments.

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Directly in the document

Changes are made directly in the document and are visible only when compared with the original document.

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Handwritten proofing

We can print your documents and correct them by hand. The documents will be scanned and sent back as a PDF.