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Which language makes technical texts simple to understand? Plain language.


How do we calculate the amount that you are owed from your husband’s life insurance? This amount is made up of three parts. A total of 251,081 € was paid in. The share of the profit for the whole insurance term is also added, amounting to 30,120 €. The subtotal of 281,201 € is the basis for the interest, which makes up the third part of the total amount. In order to make the payment, we need the following information.


The amount of interest is determined on the basis of the available amount on the date of decease. This corresponds to the amount payable on the date of decease according to your spouse’s life insurance policy, and totals 251,081 €. We will add 30,120 € to this amount due to a claim to a share of company profit which was incurred during the term, resulting in a total value of 281,201 €. Please ensure that we receive the following documents within three weeks.

Plain language means we adapt your text to a level that most people can understand.

Many texts that we encounter in our everyday life assume a good knowledge of the language: websites, brochures, manuals, contracts, insurance policies. But 60% of people only have a middling grasp of a language (B1 level) at best. And even people with strong language skills prefer a text that’s quick and easy to read.

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Plain language creates trust. And means you don’t have to provide so much support.

Writing your success story. With texts that are actually undestood.


Patients know how long to wait before eating.

Because the discharge checklist is written clearly.


Insurance can be completed online.

Because the costs and benefits are clear. No need for a consultation.


Residents fill in forms correctly.

Because they know what’s needed without having to ask.


Where can I sign?

Contracts are understood immediately. So they’re also concluded more quickly.


Don’t stress the small print.

Customers trust their bank because they understand what they’re getting.


Tailor-made for digitalization.

Website texts that can be understood immediately, without help.

We’ll make your texts a pleasure to read. For everyone.

Our plain language specialists will rewrite your text so it can be understood by people with just a middling grasp of the language (B1 level).

General texts

Experienced specialists adjust general texts to a B1 language level. Proofreading including cross-check with the source text (two-phase service).

Specialist texts

Experienced specialists adjust insurance policies, contracts, official forms, bank documents, patient information, etc. to a B1 language level. Proofreading including cross-check with the source text (two-phase service).

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We’ll teach you how to write in plain language.

Learn how to write clearly. We offer a comprehensive workshop program for companies and individuals.

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Online course
for individuals

Twenty-one interactive films and exercises help make simplicity a central part of your writing style.

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Online and offline training
for companies and teams

Workshops, online courses, feedback and teach & coach sessions – all tailored to your needs.

Our references speak clearly – sometimes in more than one language.

We’ve been helping customers to anchor plain language in their communication since 2018 through training and the revision of existing content.

Generali Plain Language

The insurance group is making its language more accessible across the board. With Supertext as a partner for a multi-stage training program in Germany and Switzerland.

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Cancer League Plain Language

The Swiss Cancer League provides clear information for cancer patients and their relatives. In an online course at Supertext, the organization learned how to communicate plainly in German, French and Italian.

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BAG Plain Language

The COVID-19 vaccine is a game-changer – and so is the way it’s communicated. That’s why the Swiss Federal Office of Public Health (FOPH) is using a language everyone understands and picked Supertext as its partner in delivering the information.

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Ausgleichskasse Bern Plain Language

Greater understanding, fewer questions – the canton of Bern’s OASI office speaks plain language. Supertext held a training event to teach 60 employees how it works.

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Supertext is part of Plain Language Europe.

Supertext clients benefit from years of experience, tried-and-tested tools and the knowledge that you really can write any text in plain language.

Plain Language Europe is a network of communication agencies that was founded in 2005 by Bureau Taal in Amsterdam. Supertext serves Switzerland and Germany. France, Italy, Great Britain, Austria, Belgium and the Netherlands are served by local partners. Clients include insurance companies, banks, telecommunications companies, food producers, pharmaceutical companies, authorities, hospitals and ad agencies.

As a member, Supertext offers a host of tried-and-tested tools: workshops, online courses and rewriting services. Our specialists are trained according to strictly defined standards and have to undergo regular refresher tests.

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Why does understandable copy work? And how?

Learn more with our blogposts on the subject.

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Customer focus beats technical jargon: Generali goes plain language

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Clarity, not legalese – how to write a data protection policy that works

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