Honest feedback can be hard to take.
Gathering it in the first place? Even harder.

LocalReview global requirements

LocalReview puts an end to chaotic discussions across channels and teams thanks to its centralized platform for all points of contact involved in your translations.

Adjust, comment and approve. The platform solution for systematic review processes.

LocalReview brings all project participants together in a lean system. The online editor, live preview and comment features make the process quick, easy and efficient.

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When should I use LocalReview?

When you need to get feedback from a number of sources without sacrificing efficiency.

Imagine that your startup is going global for the first time. It has set up marketing teams in several markets, and all of these teams now need to validate and approve translations of your website. You need a tool that streamlines coordination between reviewers, the project team and your language services provider.

LocalReview: what’s included.

The age of unwieldy email chains with a jumble of versions is over.

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Efficiently create and manage orders

With standard reviewers for each language combination or individually for each translation.

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Easily include internal and external partners

From your local marketing teams to agencies to legal advisers in your target market.

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Translation memory kept up to date

Constantly improving: your teams’ changes are always saved in your translation memory.

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Perfect target texts thanks to visual context

With the browser editor, your teams can see word-for-word how adjustments will change the layout.

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Efficient communication with the whole team

Collaboration is always about discussion. Among your hierarchy and directly with our linguistic teams.

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Everything under control on a centralized platform

Keep track of your translations and know they’re secure in an encrypted database.

“LocalReview goes beyond traditional translation procedures to help resolve internal discussions once you get a target text – systematically, efficiently and securely.”

Rémy Blättler, Managing Partner/CTO

Rémy Blättler Managing Partner CTO Supertext

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Why wait?

We look forward to simplifying your approval process and are happy to show you LocalReview in a live personal demonstration.