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Why does investing in copywriting and localization pay off?

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Trust is the most important currency in the financial world. But to build that trust with the right people, the numbers all have to add up, and you need just the right words, too – from marketing campaigns and online copy to service descriptions and contract documents. And as stakeholders become more international, the challenge gets bigger as well. Finance and insurance texts have to impress with their expert knowledge, precision and linguistic quality – whether in English, Spanish or Chinese.

With our linguistic and technical expertise from numerous projects with listed international companies, we’re here to help. And can deliver tailored security solutions so your sensitive information stays safe.

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We speak like experts – from asset management to zero bond

Our linguistic experts are well-versed in financial, corporate, legal and insurance terminology. They are familiar with international reporting standards such as GAAP FER and IFRS, and ensure that texts comply with them. And our modern termbase solutions keep your corporate wording consistent across all languages.

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Intelligent workflows for all your content

All our language services gathered on a single online platform and combined with the right technology for specific needs.

Content creation graphic tools

Content creation for every format

Video subtitles or product texts, specialist translation or transcreation: we satisfy your content needs in any language and ensure efficient processing.

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Direct integration into your systems

Order copy and translations in your preferred environment with our plugins for all the main CMS or via the Supertext API interface.

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Machine translation

Machine translation made better

We develop tailor-made processes that combine the best of both humans and machines. And can incorporate previous translations for better results and greater control.

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LocalReview for easy approval

Bring your local team and external stakeholders into the approvals process together with this tool, including live preview and comment features.

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Supertext security

Safe and secure in more than 100 languages

ISO 27001-certified data protection, 256-bit encryption and specially protected workflows for confidential documents: we are specialists for companies with high security requirements, and work with trained and verified teams who know to keep all of your content under wraps.

Established institutions and cryptocurrency pioneers trust Supertext

We’ve won some well-known clients from the banking and insurance industry already – and kept them, too.

Here are a few examples from our many projects:

Your best investment advice is right here at Supertext

Let’s get together and talk about words. And numbers, too.

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